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1.    Hybrid Buildings

Alternative Energy and Product Promotion and Installation

Federal and local government polices’ new mandates will require production of a total of 20% of all energy produced by utility companies to be alternative sources of energy. This is creating several dynamic changes in the manner in which the energy is currently viewed in production. It will soon become important to begin to produce alternative energy by solar, wind thermal transfer, hydro, geo-thermal and other means locally.

Our goal is to provide consultation, sale of manufactured and available products, hardware and its installation, training education and publication of knowledge for local promotion of such alternative energy measures through the establishment of Hybrid Energy Solutions INC. stores.

Green Design Products
The stores will combine alternative systems and technology with the sale of green products. The products could range from simple building finish materials to a more elaborate water purification and irrigation systems. We will have sales agents not only promoting and selling, but also bidding on small and large projects to provide such products, installation services and maintenance.


2. Urban Design

KAIZER DESIGN GROUP believes in the context of its buildings and its overall environment.


Principals of KAIZER DESIGN GROUP are deeply committed to the design of sustainable communities. Recently KAIZER DESIGN GROUP was involved in proposing city-wide zoning and urban design changes in the City of Ft. Lauderdale to achieve linear green spaces, neighborhood parks, and development of humane commercial corridors- the boulevards of the city as well as creation of bicycle and pedestrian paths in the city. It is important to create sustainable communities based on health of people and energy conservation in which new development can occur.


 KAIZER DESIGN GROUP'S  recent proposal for Fort Lauderdale in collaboration with other consultants received an honorable mention from the American Institute of Architects.

3. Church Design- Specialized Service

The following will introduce you to KAIZER DESIGN GROUP specialized services in the field of Church Design. We are licensed architects with several building design and construction management projects to our credit in Broward, Dade, and Palm Beach Counties, as well as in other parts of the world.

We would like to provide the following Church Design and improvement services for your existing buildings and grounds:

-Master Plan of your existing complex, including parking, landscaping, and other site services

-Design of a new building for Churches and Schools

-Installation of interior finishes such as floor and wall covering, ceilings, and installation of pews and other furniture

-Construction Management and supervision of any new or remodeling project

-Design/Build- Turnkey project services with advice on financing

We have many years of experience managing and improving Churches and its associated building facilities. Appropriate references provided upon request.   

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