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KAIZER DESIGN GROUP, INC. –developed into a Florida based practice in the 1980’s through the experience of its principals and associates in several countries over five continents.

KAIZER DESIGN GROUP provides professional services in the areas of Urban Design, Architecture and Interior Design.

The idea of GROUP is central to the practice in which a team of professionals develop concepts and bring the advantage of cross-fertilization of ideas to design. The GROUP acts as a core organization with access to award winning consultant firms in the field of environmental and systems design to provide a full range of services for the creative success of each project. Each individual forming the GROUP brings his or her unique expertise to achieve the next level of excellence and the design excitement.


The associate architects and designers of KAIZER DESIGN GROUP have been involved in a variety of distinguished and award winning projects at home and abroad over a period of thirty years. We at KAIZER DESIGN GROUP continually make concerted efforts to assemble relevant and appropriate expertise from the wide ranging skills of the staff and consultants for large or rapid, time-scaled projects. This method of operation permits an adaptable system which minimizes fixed overheads and reduces costs with consequent resources directly attributed to the design and production.


Kaizer Talib



General Contractor



Antonio Figueroa

Architectural Designer

Project Manager

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